The Journey Begins

On the morning of Sunday, 15 May 2016 a fleet of 4WD vehicles flagged off at Ulu Klang, Selangor formed a large convoy toward Raub, Pahang as part of the latest Dynamic Xperience expedition powered by PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel. A total of 30 4WD trucks flanked by 2 marshal vehicles joined the expedition, which saw the participation of internal staff including KSRP members, MyLandy car club members
as well as auto journalists and bloggers.

The event was organised as part of PDB’s Experience2Believe campaign, an avenue that lets users test, experience and review the performance of PETRONAS fuel products. At 8 am, participants gathered at Pegaga Restaurant for breakfast. A product briefing was given by Fuel Engineer, Mohamad Hafiz Abd Aziz who shared about the composition and benefits of PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel. The convoy set off about 9.30 am, shortly after a safety briefing.
Following a quick pit stop at PS Bentong RnR, the expedition continued to Rumah Sejahtera Perkampungan Ibadah in Raub. Participants distributed care packages containing food supplies courtesy of PDB’s East Coast Regional Office (ECRO). A few moments were also spent to talk and mingle with residents at the old folks’ home.

The convoy then made its way to Tanah Aina Fahad, a resort located next to the famous Lata Jarum in Ulu Dong. Here, participants had the opportunity to rest and enjoy their lunch amidst the natural beauty of Hutan Simpan Gunung Benom.

Head of Retail Business Division, Shaharuddin Muhammad Sidek graced the occasion as he managed to briefly meet with the convoy while in Bentong. The final leg of the journey involved an exciting off-road adventure in Chamang Forest. The convoy stopped for a group photo op against the backdrop of the scenic natural landscape.

Later the fleet of 4WD trucks returned to Ulu Klang for the conclusion of the Dynamic Xperience event. Participants gathered at Sakura Kristal restaurant for dinner and the closing ceremony. Azmir Hisham, Senior Manager in Retail Business Planning and Development was present to give away tokens to participants who correctly answered trivia at the end of the evening. The fleet of 4WD vehicles travelled an approximate total of 255 kilometers throughout the whole expedition. Organisers of the event received positive feedback from many of the participants, who expressed their satisfaction with the overall expedition and improved knowledge of PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel.

What Did They Say?

  •  “Perbezaan yang paling ketara adalah pembakaran yang lebih sempurna dan penyelanggaraan enjin yang lebih mudah. Sebagai seorang yang bekerja dalam bidang Community Outreach yang banyak menempuh laluan off-road dan highway, penjimatan minyak yang ketara amat memanfaatkan pengguna seperti saya.”
    Mohd Nur Rizqy, East Coast Regional Office
    Executive Regional CSI
  • “I noticed that the tank barely moved even after making a round trip up and down to Pahang from Kuala Lumpur during our Dynamic Xperience expedition! And that is after blasting our air-conditioners as well. Definitely mileage friendly.”
    Diana Shakila, LNG Market Research
    Strategy & Optimisation
  • “It was my first time joining such an expedition. The whole experience was exciting and the ride was smooth. I also saw that the fuel was quite efficient with the mileage recorded.”
    Muhammad Taufiq,  Executive Production Technology Petroleum Engineering
  • “Saya dapati asap yang dilepaskan kurang walaupun saya menggunakan kenderaan Pajero lama. Terasa perbezaan dari segi kekuatan enjin terutamanya ketika mendaki bukit di Genting Sempah semasa ekspedisi ini. Saya juga amat tertarik dengan penjimatan minyak untuk perjalanan jarak jauh.
    Ahmad Shahrani, Driver, Office of Vice 
    President MPM
A total of 45 participants took part in this program which includes the media, bloggers, local club car owners and paultan.org’s readers.
This edition of the Dynamic Xperience programme covered a 450km journey (900km to and back) starting from Rondaevoo in Bandar Sri Damansara and ended at the Tanjong Jara Resort in Terengganu.

In between, we drove through the Karak Highway and through Kuantan, Pahang, which included an off-road segment at the Jerangkang Waterfalls in Maran, Pahang.
The Journey Begins

Selected media, bloggers and readers of paultan.org were recently invited to be part of the PETRONAS Dynamic Xperience drive event, where we took on the off-road trails en-route to Tanjong Jara, Terengganu, to experience PETRONAS’ new and improved Dynamic Diesel fuel.

Following a presentation by representatives from PETRONAS, including fuel tech expert Muhammad Hafiz Aziz, all 45 participants who drove pick-up trucks of various makes and models were flagged off from Sri Damansara to begin the off-road trail at the Jerangkang Waterfalls. The flag off was lead by PDB’S Head of Retail and Business, Encik Shahruddin.

Participants brought their own trucks and 4X4’s for the drive, but members of the media were allocated several units of the new Nissan Navara, courtesy of Edaran Tan Chong Motors.
Jerangkang  Off-road Experience
Participants stopped by at the  Bentong PETRONAS station, the first pit-stop of the journey.
Along the way to Tanjong Jara, the convoy detoured to Jerangkang Waterfalls in Maran, Pahang where participants were able to experience almost an hour’s worth of off-road trail. The detour to Jerangkang Waterfalls included a buffet lunch and networking sessions before the journey resumed to a small river crossing exercise, which added to the exciting off-road experience. Though the river we crossed was shallow, safety measures still needs to be taken to avoid tyre punctures and other hazards. We then made our 200km journey to Tanjong Jara Resort, Kuala Terengganu; our last stop for the day.

What Did They Say?

  • “Setiap langkah adalah sesuatu yang baru dalam pengembaraan, Masa inilah nak tau hebat ke tak kenderaan yang diperkuasakan oleh PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel ni. Formula baru ni menghasilkan pembakaran yang lebih bersih.
    Ariff Shah, Blogger/Media
  • “The main focus of this Dynamic Diesel is savings. At the same time, it can also clean your engine by blocking the growth deposit from fuel injection system. This same diesel has been supplied to five units of ‘Iveco Petronas De Rooy Powerstar’ trucks to compete in the most difficult and tough race in the world, the Dakar Rally.”
    Autofreaks.com, Blogger/Media
  • "Dapat menimba pengalaman merasai dan mencuba kehebatan minyak PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel di jalan raya dan juga di jalan yang mencabar. PETRONAS begitu menjaga kepuasan pengguna. Memang menjadi keutamaan dan matlamat mereka bagi meningkatkan mutu prestasi dengan mencipta produk terbaru dan juga perkhidmatan yang lebih sistematik."
    Budiey,  Blogger/Media
  • "Super excited and even the truck can’t wait to get on the road coz I can hear the engine goes,”Vroom Vroom Vroom” and It was a wonderful and fun road trip with PETRONAS and I’m so looking forward to the next one!"
    Saimatkong.com, Blogger/Media
As part of the Petronas ‘Experience To Believe’ campaign, 40 4×4 vehicles took part in the expedition, starting and finishing at the Petronas Sarawak Operations building in Miri. 
This expedition covered over 100km, starting and finishing at Petronas Sarawak Operation building in Miri. The expedition checkpoints included Petronas stations at Luak Bay and Taman Tunku.
The Journey Begins

Petronas Dagangan Berhad (PDB) organised a 1-day expedition for 4×4 enthusiasts in Miri, Sarawak to experience firsthand the reliability of Petronas Dynamic Diesel.

As part of the Petronas ‘Experience To Believe’ campaign, 40 4×4 vehicles took part in the expedition which covered over 100km, starting and finishing at the Petronas Sarawak Operations building in Miri. The expedition checkpoints included Petronas stations at Luak Bay and Taman Tunku.

This Dynamic Xperience is our on-the-road programme fueled by Petronas Dynamic Diesel, to provide participants the direct opportunity to experience the benefits of our fuel. At Petronas, we strive to offer superior fuel quality to all our customers, and you will certainly agree after you experience them firsthand.
Quote From Our Managing Director
“The fuel technology that goes into Petronas Dynamic Diesel is developed by Petronas Fluid Technology Solutions experts.
It is the same fuel that is used by the 5 Petronas Iveco trucks in the Dakar Rally – the world’s toughest off-road race. These trucks run on the latest common-rail direct-injection engines, similarly used in the modern diesel 4×4 pickup trucks and passenger cars, and showcases the reliability and performance of Petronas Dynamic Diesel to keep the trucks going under extreme conditions. The recent win of the Petronas Iveco De Rooy team at the Dakar 2016 race is yet another evidence of our winning formula claim,” said Mohd Ibrahimnuddin Mohd Yunus, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, PDB.

What Did They Say?

  • "Participants were given the opportunity to experience and give first-hand review on the diesel’s performance on the road and also continuously reward loyal customers through promotional activities and campaigns within extensive network."
    Borneo Post, Blogger/Media
  • "PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel diformulasikan untuk membersihkan enjin, mengembalikan kuasa dan menjadikan proses pembakaran lebih baik dari aspek penjimatan ekonomi dan kebolehpercayaan."
    Berita Harian, Blogger/Media
  • “It is always a dynamic experience on and off the road with PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel.”
    The Edge, Blogger/Media
Dynamic Xperience is part of a series of PETRONAS’ Experience To Believe road trips where participants get to experience and review the PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel first-hand on the road.
During this expedition, participants gets to experience first-hand the benefits of vehicles powered by the new fuel-efficient diesel formula on the road, developed by Petronas Fluid Technology Solutions.
Road To Believing

In the latest line-up of next-generation fuels, the all-new Petronas Dynamic Diesel makes a huge difference delivering superior performance in three core areas – engine cleanliness, reliability and restoring power loss.
PDB Sabah manager, Ameran Yaacob.
"In the latest line-up of next-generation fuels, the all-new Petronas Dynamic Diesel makes a huge difference delivering superior performance in three core areas – engine cleanliness, reliability and restoring power loss.
Ameran Yaacob, PDB Sabah manager
The convoy of 40 trucks roared into action on Saturday morning at the starting line at Menara Petronas.
The convoy was flagged off by head of Sabah and Labuan Regional Office, Julita ontol and Ameran as participants take on the 100km adventure, braving the 7km journey covering narrow gravel and dirt roads before returning to the state capital. During this expedition, participants get to experience first-hand the benefits of vehicles powered by the new fuel-efficient diesel formula on the road, developed by Petronas Fluid Technology Solutions, “he said.
Dynamic Diesel Performance
Speaking at the pre-expedition briefing to participants yesterday, Ameran highlighted the performance of Petronas Dynamic Diesel
It is tested and proven to deliver superior fuel efficiency developed by Petronas Fluid Technology Solutions experts through years of experience in customising fluid for heavy-truck engines for the world’s toughest off-road race, the Dakar Rally. “It has fuelled the IVECO team in the Dakar Rally, the world’s most toughest off-road challenge, emerging champions in 2012, runners-up 2014 and we are bringing the same formula to customers which will be readily available at all our 68 stations throughout Sabah, ”he added.

According to Ameran, participants on Petronas’ Dynamix Xperience Challenge will take on specific tasks at checkpoints which include product testing on haziness, anti-foam and filtration aspects of the new fuel.

Meanwhile, PDB fuel engineer Mohammad Hafiz Abd Aziz revealed the Petronas Dynamic Diesel was also field-tested in over 380,000km of real world vehicle evaluation in a wide range of vehicles including buses, trucks and tested for 100 hours for power, torque and fuel injector cleanliness during its developmental process.

Moreover, Mohammad Hafiz said vehicles powered with the Petronas Dynamic Diesel enhances the efficiency and cleans internal combustion engines by preventing internal and external injector deposits, ensuring superior fuel efficiency.
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