• A total of 45 participants took part in this program which includes the media, bloggers,

  • local club car owners and paultan.org’s readers.


  • This edition of the Dynamic Xperience programme covered a 450km journey (900km to and back) starting from Rondaevoo in Bandar Sri Damansara and ended at the Tanjong Jara Resort in Terengganu.


    In between, we drove through the Karak Highway and through Kuantan, Pahang, which included an off-road segment at the Jerangkang Waterfalls in Maran, Pahang.

T H E   J O U R N E Y  B E G I N S

Selected media, bloggers and readers of paultan.org were recently invited to be part of the PETRONAS Dynamic Xperience drive event, where we took on the off-road trails en-route to Tanjong Jara, Terengganu, to experience PETRONAS’ new and improved Dynamic Diesel fuel.

Following a presentation by representatives from PETRONAS, including fuel tech expert Muhammad Hafiz Aziz, all 45 participants who drove pick-up trucks of various makes and models were flagged off from Sri Damansara to begin the off-road trail at the Jerangkang Waterfalls. The flag off was lead by PDB’S Head of Retail and Business, Encik Shahruddin.

Participants brought their own trucks and 4X4’s for the drive, but members of the media were allocated several units of the new Nissan Navara, courtesy of Edaran Tan Chong Motors.

I  J E R A N G K A N G
O F F – R O A D  E X P E R I E N C E

Participants stopped by at the
Bentong PETRONAS station, the first pit-stop of the journey.


Along the way to Tanjong Jara, the convoy detoured to Jerangkang Waterfalls in Maran, Pahang where participants were able to experience almost an hour’s worth of off-road trail. The detour to Jerangkang Waterfalls included a buffet lunch and networking sessions before the journey resumed to a small river crossing exercise, which added to the exciting off-road experience. Though the river we crossed was shallow, safety measures still needs to be taken to avoid tyre punctures and other hazards. We then made our 200km journey to Tanjong Jara Resort, Kuala Terengganu; our last stop for the day. 



W H A T  D I D  T H E Y  S A Y ?










“Setiap langkah adalah sesuatu yang baru dalam pengembaraan, Masa inilah nak tau hebat ke tak kenderaan yang diperkuasakan oleh PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel ni. Formula baru ni menghasilkan pembakaran yang lebih bersih.

“The main focus of this Dynamic Diesel is savings. At the same time, it can also clean your engine by blocking the growth deposit from fuel injection systemThis same diesel has been supplied to five units of ‘Iveco Petronas De Rooy Powerstar’ trucks to compete in the most difficult and tough race in the world, the Dakar Rally.”


Dapat menimba pengalaman merasai dan mencuba kehebatan minyak PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel di jalan raya dan juga di jalan yang mencabar. PETRONAS begitu menjaga kepuasan pengguna. Memang menjadi keutamaan dan matlamat mereka bagi meningkatkan mutu prestasi dengan mencipta produk terbaru dan juga perkhidmatan yang lebih sistematik.”

Super excited and even the truck can’t wait to get on the road coz I can hear the engine goes,”Vroom Vroom Vroom” and It was a wonderful and fun road trip with PETRONAS and I’m so looking forward to the next one!”